Mary, the Mother of God, is a key figure during Advent, not just on Christmas. Tomorrow, on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, we meditate on the condition of her soul, that of being “immaculately conceived.” This is NOT about the virgin birth, contrary to what many people believe, but a state of spiritual elevation that we will someday share.   Unlike the rest of us, Mary was preserved at birth from the effects of the intrinsic human struggle with good and evil. Family dysfunction, addiction, avarice. pride, etc., were simply not in her. She was “full of grace”  because she was  utterly free to choose it.  Author Carryll Houselander called Mary the “Reed of God,” in her book of the same title. In essence, she says that Mary was so receptive to God that her soul was like a hollowed out reed. Filled with the “breath of heaven,” beautiful music flowed out naturally from her.  However, still a human being, Mary shares our fear and confusion, a perplexing paradox embedded in the mystery of life.

Enjoy my favorite Advent song, “Breath of Heaven”

by DC