Sometimes I find that I am too focused on my faults and failures.  However, recently I have discovered that this is really a means of calling God’s unconditional love for me into question. One of my favorite books to read my children is “Mama Do You Love Me” by Barbara M. Joosse.  In this book, a young Eskimo girl repeatedly asks her mother if she would still love her even if she were to do all of these “terrible” and “naughty” things.  Of course, the mother assures her “still, I would love you.”  As a parent I can relate to this:  there is nothing so awful my child could do to make me stop loving him.  In fact, loving my child in this way seems effortless. However, as a child of God, receiving this unconditional love is more of a challenge for me.  Today I will try to see myself as worthy of being loved perfectly even with my imperfections.

by Annie