You would think that springtime nesting would long be gone and baby birds had flown away by now. Nope. There is a second family in an existing nest from March still sitting in the eaves at our house.  I have been mesmerized with these tiny creatures as I catch them in their daily routine, the mom feedings and daily visits, her readying them to spread their wings. I believe God sends me these incredible signs to remind me of my own task of releasing my sons over and over again, especially my last “baby bird” who is home for the summer. I need to give them roots, the foundation, then give them wings, to fly.  If they fall, I should not put out a net, for they will gain so much more by landing on their own ground, not some puffy landing that I have produced.  I look forward to watching these baby birds take flight and will hopefully witness it. If not, I will be very aware of the empty nest, just like my own, come September.

by Liz