Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.  John 14:27

I like to collect images of Mary ~ statues, holy cards, photographs, paintings, medals,  etc. There are so many and from a plethora of different cultures that I do have to be a little selective these days. So now I just keep the ones that are given to me or that cross my path unbidden like those I can rescue from thrift stores or garage sales.  I especially like  the so-called “Black Madonnas.”  These images, painted or made out of brown or black materials, are found all over the world. Research suggests that the pigmentation is deliberate and symbolizes profound spiritual meaning, unique to each representation. The photo of the statue in this post is from the Philippines and is called Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. Obviously, travelers go to her for protection on their journeys. Digging deeper, though, I connect to the firm sense of peace that exudes from her face. This contemplative quality attracts and fascinates me as I long for the same sense of calm in my life. In the hectic pace of the modern world, it is good to know that the Queen of Peace can still reign supreme within the human heart.