The false alarm of a ballistic missile heading towards Hawaii on January 15th made for a lot of lively conversation.  One person said that they would just want to be with family and wait for the end while one co-worker said that she and her husband were prepared with an arsenal of guns to protect themselves from “them” when “they” came to take their food. My daughter’s boss and his wife were in a Honolulu Hotel where they upended their bed against the window and laid down in the bathtub holding each other closely.  I would hope that I would hold others and pray. I would hope that if by some accident of fate, I survived a nuclear attack, I would share what I had and be of love and service. I’ve heard that the miracle of feeding the 5,000 with five loaves and two fishes could have been that once Jesus started handing out food others produced their hidden stores and shared what they had with each other. I resolve to daily train my heart and my mind to pursue the Way of God.

by Andrew