July has slipped away like the grains of sand falling through my office hourglass. As my soul says good-bye to ruminating on the meaning of freedom, I feel kind of longing that the prospect of summer’s last month brings..  What strikes me the most today, on the brink of a new month, is the possibility of hope that freedom brings. I ultimately have a choice on how I choose to live each moment. I can whine and cling, allowing this precious moment to be engulfed in negativity to or I can enter the moment with joy and anticipation. All around, the signs of life abound. I feel nudged toward the pockets of light that fill every moment with meaning and am again grateful for the foundation of faith that lies beneath my feet like bedrock, setting me free to trust and believe. Having been sustained on the path by writers and artists, the coming August Snacks will contain recommendations for books, videos, etc., that we hope will uplift and edify as you continue seeking faith.