It takes a concerted effort to watch my phone do the buzzing ballet on my kitchen counter, alerting me to a text or an email, and not jump up to pick it up. This morning, I will start with peace, without any device asking me for my attention. I will lay my phone down. Ironically, it will become my center of focus for my prayer.  I will start with three deep breaths, and focus on the colorful APP icons and begin my meditation. The photo album icon: I will pray with a thankful heart for all the colorful memories I have captured that live in my memory bank. The text message icon: I will pray for my family and the connections I make throughout the day praying for each of them with specific intentions.  The camera icon: I will meditate on the world outside of me, the people in my path, and the beauty of the sunrise sky greeting me this crisp winter morn.

by Liz