In explaining why he chooses to hang out with the  “lowlifes” of his society, Jesus makes it very clear that people are not expendable, to be dismissed or shunned.  My large extended family is peppered with “lost” souls: the divorced cousin who drinks too much; the nephew who will be spending the holidays in prison; the cousin whose God is wealth.  While some of us roll our eyes and shake our heads at the mention of their names, Jesus says, “Let’s break bread. Be one as I am one.” (Note: not “let’s lecture”)!  So as the pregnant virgin from Galilee swells large with the second person of the Trinity growing in her womb, our helpless Baby King, I will try my best to “prepare the way of the Lord” in my heart, laying low the mountains of my judgment and filling in the valleys of my righteousness. With God’s help, I can pave the way for peace.

by Andrew