This last week I attended a seventieth birthday party with fifteen high school girlfriends, We all turned seventy this year. What a joy it was!! We had breast cancer survivors, women who were still married to their high school sweethearts, and women with broken hearts. All manner and measure of life’s twists and turns had been experienced, yet we delighted in each other, being together, and being giggly girls again. You know that old joke, ‘What’s the difference between heaven and hell?’  The difference being, in hell, people starve at the banquet table because they are given extra long spoons, too long to feed themselves (hands not allowed!). In heaven, they reach across the table and feed each other with the long spoons. We fed each other at our birthday celebration. We fed our souls with acceptance, mercy, compassion, and joy. That is just the way the Lord feeds us when we can’t feed ourselves. He reaches out, accepting us just the way we are, with mercy and compassion. It is His joy to do so!

by Gracie