In my journey towards a relationship with the Holy One, I was first a Blessed Mother girl, even as a Protestant. I wasn’t a mother at the time but Mary’s devotion to her Son was a beacon of loving maternal light for me, guiding me gently into the arms of Christ. She was my refuge in my rainy days. Her arms were sweet, tender and sure when I folded emotionally into them. She was my comfort. I started to pray the rosary back in those days and most of my friends thought I was really weird. Only Catholics did that! Mary’s loving eyes and arms reach out with tender mercy to each of us.. In a real sense, she is our royal Mother, our role model, the pathway to shelter when the storms in our lives rage on. She loves the poor, the underprivileged and the poor of spirit. She is a refuge for all who seek sanctuary in this chaotic world in which we dwell.

by Gracie