On this Second Sunday of Lent, Jesus is transfigured before his three close friends, Peter, James and John. Overcome with amazement at his dazzling appearance with Elijah and Moses, they fell down in adoration.  Such transfigured encounters with the Holy One, whether the experience emerges from seeing a breath-taking sunset or gazing at a newborn baby, has the same effect on me. I just want to stay there forever, lost in the beauty of the moment. Then overtaken with joy, I try to somehow capture the moment, post it on Instagram, share it with anyone who will stop and pay attention.  Sometimes all I can say (or think) is summarized in these few words: “it is good to be here.” Being open to the transfigured moments in life can take some effort in our busy world of distractions. I will pray this week that all of us relent to a greater openness as we continue our Lenten journey together.

by DC