My girlfriend, of over forty years, isn’t speaking to me. That’s how she handles conflict. I like to talk things out. Feeling helpless, I asked God what I should do. ‘Forgive her’ came to mind. That, actually, was easy because I love her. She, on the other hand, is stone silent. I asked God, “How am I to be with this?” The thought came, ‘Rest in it.’ I took that to mean, ‘be at peace in the Lord.’ I felt tension leave and settled down to wait. I am keeping a prayer journal for Lent and while asking how we are going to heal this, the thought came, “Only love heals.” Wow, I am now focusing on my love for her and not the pain from an unresolved issue. My pain recedes, and I am filled with peace as I assimilate this idea. I recognize even if she will not or can not move beyond her anger, I am to just love her. I can do that, even if the conflict remains unresolved. I will be at peace and I can live with that!

 by Gracie