Today’s Gospel reading is one of my favorites, yet it is incredibly hard to hear. A rich young man has kept the commandments of the Lord, then Jesus says that the only thing left to do is sell his belongings. We are blessed with so many fleeting things in this life. Everything – from our bodies to our families to our iPhones – is only temporary. When we realize that only the love of God endures forever, we have done what the young man in the readings could not. One of my favorite songs is One Thing Remains. It’s a song about God’s love and how that is the only thing that “never gives up” or “runs out on me.” A friend not too long ago said, “If you’re placing your worth in someone or something that can be taken away, you’re putting it in the wrong place.” The same can be said for happiness. The song is a perfect prayer to discover this, and it has been instrumental in helping me on my journey to release the temporary from my life and focus on the One who is infinite.