My wife, Kerry, flies north to the Oregon border this time of year to visit her family and enjoy the pristine wilderness.  I was missing her the other evening when I took a short break from my gig in Laguna to breath the ocean air. The beach is illuminated by lights from the Hotel Laguna. There was a wedding party on their patio. I stood on the boardwalk, above the shallow breaking waves and took in the happy scene.  Kerry has migrated north, but her favorite birds, the “Nun Birds” have returned here. The little birds move quickly in small groups in graceful unison, as they scan the sand for crabby invertebrates. My wife says their habit-like outfits and dignified demeanor remind her of the nuns at her old grade school. The Western Snowy Plover weighs only an ounce or two. It sometimes builds its nest in human footprints on the sand. My wife has missed her “nun birds” this year, but she will fly home soon. Boy, her arms will be tired!

by Nathaniel