Even though the spiritual journey is essentially a solitary one, the importance of having a spiritual friend to converse about the God connection enriches the mind and delights the heart. We all need someone who can listen intently to our longings and help us sort out the mysteries. Fortunately, there are actually trained individuals, called spiritual directors, who are willing to do this on a regular basis. In the past, priests and some religious sisters were the primary people who filled this role. Today, lay men and women from all walks of life have answered this timely call. Without such companions, it is easy to get off track, be undisciplined, or allow our faith to go dormant. Talking to a trusted friend who wil listen intently andl hold our sacred stories with gentle hands makes any time of suffering, pain, joy, or confusion more bearable and infinitely more meaningful. Like confession, talking openly about God is simply good for the soul and thus worthy of strong resolution.

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