I love music. All types of music. It plays in the background fo my life each and every day. However, when I want to intentionally listen to God’s voice, I listen to Mozart’s adagios.  This means carving out some deliberate time, finding some solitude, preparing my mind and body for meditation, and then actually sitting down, closing my eyes, and paying attention to the many sacred images that flow so generously from the beauty. This practice is actually a deep form of contemplative prayer that is often overlooked by seekers of a deeper relationship with God.  No words are necessary. An open heart, a willing receptive stance, and an opening of the imagination are the only requirements. If you have always had an avoidance complex when it comes to classical music, I suggest that you simply try it as a spiritual New Year’s resolution. I am especially fond of his Clarinet Concert II: Adagio;  Take a listen by following the YouTube link: