Mother Teresa has a face you could look at all day, probably recognized in more cultures than film actors or political figures.  She became a living icon of virtue, hard work, and goodness while she was on Earth, attractive because of her ability to will the one thing: the love of God. One of my all-time favorite heroines, I keep a photograph of her close to my desk because she represents so much of what I long to become and what I know I can never be.  Although she never bore children of her own, she was a champion for all orphaned, disabled and neglected little ones. Her soul longed to save them all and she believed that nothing was impossible if we but trust in God’s infinite goodness dwelling within each of us. Perhaps what makes her “Most Admirable,” like Our Lady, Mother’s single-heartedness was pure, focused, and active. Like Mary, her role model, she was able to turn her inner life into a lasting example of what can be done with very little.