Go on speaking, and do not be silent, for I am with you.  Acts 18:9

As Mother’s Day approaches this weekend, my thoughts return to my own mom who left us for heaven more than two years ago. I am presently traveling in the Midwest for a family wedding and am surrounded by memories, dreams and thoughts of her presence in our family. Mom was a talker. When we were together, she chatted away about just everything and always awoke with a smile and a story on her lips. But she could also listen and had a knack for paying attention to feelings beneath words. She, like Mary, was a mother of good counsel and had many friends who came to her for comfort and advice. Not one for dwelling on the negative, I hear her cheery words of encouragement echo in my mind. She always sounded so happy to hear my voice. And I hear her many timely words of good counsel  whenever I face a difficult period in my life: “This, too, shall pass.”  Thanks Mom. I remember.