Today, on Mother’s Day, my mind and heart are flooded with memories of my own most amiable mom who went home to God in 2010.  Of all the images of her that I hold dear, the recollection of her hands knitting remains precious. Service to others was always foremost in her mind throughout her very active life of teaching and raising a family. She showed us how to serve in a myriad of ways throughout the years. Later in life, when she was forced to slow down, she devoted herself to the ministry of creating prayer shawls, baby sweaters, afghans for those in need. I love this picture of her hands because it combines the single-mindedness of action with the  necessity of contemplation.  With each slip of the needle, she said a “Hail Mary” for the lucky recipient of her eternal handiwork. Remembering her, and all of the great women who have laid down their lives in self-sacrificing service to others, I extend grace and blessings on this day we celebrate the outpouring of amiable maternal love.