I want a heart that is pure like Mary.  I receive a pure heart from God.  Mary models for us receiving .  She responds to the angel Gabriel, “Yes, I will accept conception by the Holy Spirit.” Mary received because she believed.  Elizabeth told Mary You are blessed, because you believed that the Lord would do what he said.”   Mary is a picture of our relationship to God.  We are first of all receivers.  We are responders.  We define this as the feminine.  C.S. Lewis said that in our relationship to God we are always feminine.  God takes the initiative.  He gives and we receive. Receiving is not passive, we take ahold of the gift of purity God is giving us.  We say yes I want this.  We ask God to give us what we believe He wants us to have, purity of heart.  “Create in me a pure heart O God.”

by JJ