“. . . ask and you will receive, so that your joy may be complete.” John 16:24

Why is it that when we begin to reflect on a subject, the whole world seems to suddenly be bursting with messages? My current reverie about mothers, while on vacation in Minnesota, is a perfect example. The residents here have experienced an unusually long winter this year. The last snowfall was only a week ago! Full of anticipation of drinking in the smell of lilacs, peonies and bridal veil hedges, I was disappointed  with barely budding trees and and very little greenery.  However, soon after sending up a Hail Mary for a sign of spring, my nephew showed me a nest in his front flowerbed where a mother duck had laid nine beautiful blue eggs. He described the Mallard couple as amiable, diligent and protective, not straying far from the nest for very long as they took turns with the sittings. I felt my heart grow light upon seeing this simple beauty and for that one moment, the sheer joy of motherhood was once more complete.