This past weekend I sailed over to Catalina with my friend Steve, his 23-year-old daughter Mia, and her friend, Imogene. We picked up a mooring at Cherry Cove just a bit west of the Isthmus and spent the days snorkeling, reading, snacking and napping. We talked about the challenges and fun of college life while spotting bat rays lazily gliding through the turquoise blue water below the boat. We enjoyed nightly dinghy rides to Two Harbors Store for ice cream and barbecuing the bass and barracuda we had speared that morning. I’ve known Steve since UCSB in 1973 and now our families are close, loving friends. Lying in my berth our last night,  with the swell gently lulling me to sleep,  I thanked God for the blessing of it all.  These small mini-vacations out on the water wash me clean and soothe my soul.  They iron out the wrinkles of life and remind me of how beautiful life is when I stop to breathe and have a heart awakened to the miracle of the moment.

by Andrew