Today we celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of Mary. As I ponder the mystery of her life, my thoughts return once again to gratefulness for what her presence means both to me and to the whole human condition. As I’ve said before, everything that happens to Mary happens to us. . . birth, life, bearing of love, sorrow, letting go, death and finally resurrection both of the soul and body. Fear of the future dissipates when we look at her path. For Mary’s love is a wild, immaculate love*, unfettered by conditions, prejudices, social, cultural, and economic constraints.   Through all of the trials of life, the Holy Mother remains steadfast, loyal and true to everyone equally.  No matter what others do to diminish her influence, she cannot be erased for she is the Mother of us all throughout eternity. Many years ago, I began a tradition of going to the beach, a symbol of Mary’s womb, on August 15th to re-dedicate myself to becoming  a “singular vessel of devotion,” in her honor. Wading into the waves each year, my soul feels cleansed and renewed. My center, anchored in the heart of the Holy Mother, gifts me with a feeling of relief and serenity. Won’t you join me?

*This phrase is borrowed from Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ book, Untie the Strong Woman, with many  thanks.