I have never been one to make a lot of New Year’s Resolutions. I learned long ago that the fewer you make, the more chance you have of keeping them. I try to choose only two or three and it’s never more than five. This year I’ve added a couple that I found in an article called “8 New Year’s Resolutions for Catholics.” I’d gladly add all eight at once but I know that, coupled to my two or three secular ones, would violate my own numbers rule and could doom me to failure. Instead, I’ve decided to choose one each month and try to achieve that goal in addition to my “regular” resolutions. I am hoping to continue the previous month’s so that by the eighth month I will actually be following all of them! If you’d care to join me, visit http://www.stedwardoutlet.com/8-new-years-resolutions-for-catholics.html and choose all or follow my plan and take on only one at a time.

by JAM