Yesterday I took my dog Koa, a gregarious golden retriever, on a hike in the local foothills above San Juan Capistrano.  As I was parking the truck, Koa cried with joy and anticipation at the sight of one of his favorite forays. The hillside was tucked in by a cool blanket of fog with the grasses and wildflowers heavy with dew.  Once off leash, he sprang like a racer up the rutted road with a joy that can only be named pure and true.  In that instant, as he romped in the wet grass, nipping at lupine and sweet peas, I saw a creature of God, loving the thing for which he was made!  Alive and free, Koa ran and leaped and sniffed and filled all his senses, fully experiencing the joy of being.  Like him I was given a life with gifts and desires.  When am I most loving my life, this great gift that Love has given?

by Andrew