Last week I was listening to the Epiphany Dialogue Podcast from Seeking Faith with Fr. Dave Denny and Tessa Bielecki. Both live a contemplative life. Tessa referenced having a “loving aware experience of God,” as a way of praying through your day. “I do that,” I thought enthusiastically. She talked about “a cry of the heart” as a way to reach out to God in response to daily routines both in joyful times and in sorrowful ones. I see that prayer reflected in my gratitude for the small and great details in my life. Then I received word that I might have a life-threatening disease. How do I have a “loving aware experience of God” when I’m terrified? So I asked lovingly, “Lord what is the lesson in this situation?” I listened with my heart. No matter how the test comes out, this is a wake-up call to stop worrying about the future! Be present to the goodness of God in every step of life and be thankful. You never know how much time you have left. My tests came back negative. Please enjoy the podcast:

by Gracie