Love abounds in all things, excels from the depths to beyond the stars,is lovingly disposed to all things.  She has given the king on high the kiss of peace” Hildegard von Bingen

I enjoy reading history and am morbidly fascinated with the medieval Church. There was so much drama, so much superstition, so much grace and sin playing out in the royal courts and in the monasteries and abbeys. Midst the dark and austere theology, a few brave souls emerged so full of love and light that they still speak to the modern world with great meaning. Hildegard von Bingen stands out from the rest. Although she lived during one of the darkest times in Church history (think Crusades and Inquisition)  and when women were most oppressed, she saw visions of light that could not be suppressed and felt enveloped in an ecstasy of love. These mystical experiences spilled over into artwork, poetry and music. Investigate, read about her, take a listen. Allow Hildegard to illuminate your life.





HILDEGARD OF BINGEN, “Caritas abundat