“Offer to God a sacrifice of praise.” Psalm 50

I sometimes ask myself,  “What of my past memories do I keep, the joyful ones,  painful ones?” I think we should consider keeping all memories that teach us more about who we are to God. Some of my most transformational memories were born out of great faith seeking experiences, like when I found out I was pregnant. I had a history of miscarriages and years of being barren. I always wanted to be a mother  but at age 47, really God?? As doubts swirled within me about my ability to carry full term, being the mother of a teenager in my 60’s, etc., I decided I was going to live in Gratitude each day I was pregnant. The weeds of fear lived along side the joy at carrying a child. Living in gratitude set me free to be fully present to the “AWE” of childbearing. My daughter is 18 today and going to college in the fall. She is a miracle and I am still in awe and gratitude for her presence in my life.

by Gracie