This last week was my birthday. I celebrated with ten of my dearest girlfriends. I wrote each woman a ‘love letter’ telling each how they have enriched and blessed my life over all of the years we have journeyed together. Unbeknownst to me, one of my friends reached out to the others and asked them to come prepared with three words that described their experience of me and so they did. I handed out my letters and they went around the table and shared their words out loud that represented how they saw me. The experience was powerful and validating. We lived our love for each other. Jesus lived His love for each of us, sharing with us how important we are to God, and how deeply loved we are by Him. For today, live your love, share with those closest to you what they mean to you either by word, prayer, or deed. When we are intentional and unconditional about our love, we share our hearts, as well as, shine a piece of heaven into the mix.

by Gracie