“Untie him and let him go.” John 11:45

The story of the raising of Lazarus occurs every year on the Fifth Sunday of Lent at the Third Scrutiny Rite. The Elect and Candidates journeying through RCIA, who are preparing to be initiated at the Easter Vigil, kneel with the community and pray for new life.  Like Lazarus, we are called to rise, untie what binds us and let go of what is dead within us so that a new spirit can be born. Letting go sounds so easy. We are bound, like Lazarus, by so many issues, experiences and untruths that we feel dead inside. Why don’t we just untie what binds us and be free?  The simple answer: we need each other for this monumental task. We can’t do it alone. Communities, spiritual friends, mentors and guides can provide the embracing arms of Christ if we allow them to reach out and touch us. From the gentle untying comes a safety net of love, ready for the free-fall into new life.