We human beings see the world through the lens of division:  politics-Republicans versus  Democrats; religion- Muslim vs. Jew;  moral values-the right to live versus the right to die;  society- the poor versus the rich; sports-USC versus UCLA, divorce-husband versus wife, and so on.  The world divides  and culture drives the drama. Our Lord came, however, to teach us a new way of seeing the world. He taught us how to live in harmony through love and forgiveness. He came to show us how deeply valued we are to our Father in Heaven. His way is the way of peace, harmony, and healing. It can not be measured in earthly terms. It can only be experienced through devotion, faith, and being open to the Holy in all of life’s experiences.  Only by being on fire for divine guidance and surrendering to the will of God, believing His plan for us is infinitely superior to any of our own devising, are we fused into wholeness while shedding the shroud of division. The gift of shedding division: freedom!

by Gracie