Blessed is the one who trusts in the LORD, whose hope is the LORD. .Jeremiah 17:7

Paradoxically, we learn how to trust God by trusting other people and sometimes they disappoint us. Riddled with fear, we become suspicious and untrusting both of others and of God who seems to have abaondoned us. Think about this though.  We go along in life taking a lot for granted – that the sun will rise, that we will have another day tomorrow to mend a relationship, to spend time with people we love, to make things right with co-workers, etc.  This sense of security is shattered when a crisis interrupts our routine and we are not prepared.  Someone is diagnosed with a serious illness, revelations of unfaithfulness happen, death occurs right in the middle of our ordinary existence. Suddenly, we know what trust means because we don’t have it any more. These moments of suffering unnerve us and many turn away from God, the only One who can restore us. Try today’s mantra: In you alone I put my trust.