“. . .But I say to you, love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you. . .”  Matthew 5:44

Love, we learn from Scripture, is God’s other name.  Images of God that most of us hold are human images – the person of Jesus in Middle Easter garb or  an old man sitting on a throne. To many of us, love is a feeling that comes and goes and is experienced in a variety of ways. To say that God is Love changes the deeper meaning of this passage. Who are your enemies? Often we think of people who don’t like us, who have hurt us, have done us wrong. Plumbing the depths of this definition, perhaps you find that you are your own worst enemy. Perhaps your enemies are the people you live with and say you love the most. Whoever may be defined as enemies, Jesus simply says to bring God (Love) into the scenario. Then, the command, pray for your persecutors, simply means   “talk to me.”  Together, Love will find a way.