Wait! Wasn’t it just Christmas?  Well, yes. .  .but no. . . Epiphany was six whole weeks ago and now we enter into yet another liturgical season very different from the subject of my last reflections. To be honest, the beginning of  Lent always fills me with trepidation.  It takes great intentionality and perseverance to discipline oneself and to not allow the pressures of everyday living to interfere with this time of self-scrutiny.  Years ago,  a priest friend invited us to “take a step into the desert,” to do what Jesus did – go to a quiet, desolate place, slim down, refrain from excess, and listen to God’s voice in the wilderness.  Not having ever loved the desert, I find this quite a challenge. And for some reason, intense experiences always seem to happen to me during Lent. I’ve been known to call this rigor “the Catholic Olympics.”  Friends always joke around with me about it and  yet underneath, also realize that Lent is no laughing matter. Rather, it is time to get real.