Summer means salt water, sailing, surfing, snorkeling and beaching it.  As a boy, it meant days of collecting Bubble Up and Coke bottles found on the beach to turn in for candy money at the store on 62nd street out on the Long Beach Peninsula.  It meant the first peel of skin after a sun burn and a thickening of calluses on my always bare feet.  It was about chatter with pals in the small shore break, laying down wet on hot sand and pulling out splinters from running on the boardwalk.  It was a season of innocence and play and the great adventure of growing up; puffing tobacco for the first time, holding a girl’s hand and evening fires on the beach. To this day the smell of camp fires takes me back to the sweet and carefree days before the rigors of adulthood. Keeping it simple this summer.  Long summer days with God and you. Weiner roasts and s’mores sounds just about right.

by Andrew