“Why do you think God made Junebugs?” was a question one of the little ones asked me recently. “I mean, they don’t really do anything, do they?”  I had to admit, she had me there as we watched the ubiquitous brown critters drunkenly buzzing around and bumping into everything like they have no consciousness. We had to spend some time on Google finding a Junebug’s contribution to the ecosystem. That aside, I couldn’t help but thinking  that even young children define worth by deeds – what we do, rather than who we are inside. For most of us, learning how to BE can be a lot harder than learning a skill. To just enjoy something, without evaluating its utilitarian quality, can enrich an experience. What God really had in mind when Junebugs were created, I will probably never know. Perhaps more important is to just be still and appreciate a quiet moment enjoying the tiny, flying wonders of a summer evening.