Throughout conversations, it has been brought to my attention that  “hope springs eternal” within my soul. While I suppose this is a good attribute to have, I sometimes feel as though people think I’m naive or ignorant to desire to look for the pockets of light that I sense are streaming at us from all directions.  Admittedly, this can be annoying if not timed correctly and I’ve learned to nuance the position as needed.  Truth be told,  I’ve had my share of melancholic moments and can wallow awhile, (though not for very long), in the doldrums. However,  I attribute this ability to focus on the bright side to my mother

My Mom ~ just 2 weeks before eternity

who was essentially an eternal optimist. She forever reminded us that we needed to “stop complaining and make do.”  She was also a woman of deep faith who lived what she believed ~ that life here was just a dress rehearsal for eternity. No matter what happened, we could never give up on hope which is at the core of Christian life.  As I’ve matured spiritiually, I have come to appreciate my mother’s wisdom. Arising each day and hoping for something more, something beautiful, wonderful, transformational, has made each day packed with meaning and purpose. In my darkest hours, I remember the words that were always on my mom’s lips: “This, too, shall pass. . .”