Experts tell us that what transforms an ordinary person into a saint is a resolution to focus one’s will on only one thing. People like Francis of Assisi, Katherine Drexel and in modern times, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, were able to take their energy and place it singly on the embodiment of the love of God. Today, on the first day of the new year, I wonder how they actually did it. I wonder if it is even possible to follow in their footsteps.  With so many choices presented to us from all directions,  it is hard to fathom settling on only one thing. We are culturally encouraged to grab it all, do it all, have it all. Yet, those who follow such a path are never satisfied. Each new year’s day, many of us resolve to eat better, exercise more, save money or finally get organized. However, what would our resolutions be like if our primary goal was to become a saint?  How many of us even desire such a title?  “I’m no saint,” we often say with a laugh, as if we are beyond or unworthy of such a status. But if it means being centered and making the world better, why not? When I look at the world on this January 1, 2012, I see boundless energy ~ the Tournament of Roses parade I watch diligently every year, the fans’ frenzy at the bowl games, the rush of the freeway traffic, the hectic pace with which we live and work. What would this world be like if all that energy were expended on the one thing that could truly be an agent of positive change? Would wars cease, stress decrease, and relationships be healed?  Today, I made a list, as I always do, of resolutions. One by one, I cross them off until only one remains. The wisdom of my years pulls me strongly toward paring everything I have and want down to  the one thing that is worth such a sacrifice. I resolve to remember.