When I moved to California nine years ago, a top priority for me was to find a parish where I was comfortable.One cannot find a comfortable parish like one can find comfortable shoes.You will have to walk much longer in your faith than you ever will in a pair of flats. So I tried some  on. The cathedral-like church of Basilica San Juan was a beautiful setting for mass, but it didn’t grab me. The priest at another church gave a “fire and brimstone” sermon  leaving me wanting something more positive. I happened upon St. Edward the Confessor quite by chance. Or maybe not? There was no reason for me to go up Calle la Primavera that day but I did and  found the church. I copied down the mass times and the following Sunday experienced a true “aha” moment. Here was this welcoming, joyful community, living Christ’s teachings through dozens of ministries, with uplifting music and “take something away” homilies; this is where I belonged.

by JAM