Each summer, with more time to devote, I work on sprucing up my house and yard, the sole purpose aimed at simplifying my life. I see it as a sort of pilgrimage into the by-roads of my own home. This is never easy for me. I am very sentimental about my antique china, old photographs of ancestors, and gifts received from loved ones. I cannot bear to part with anything that contains meaning and yet I know I must. Simultaneously and quite on purpose, I also enter into a time of interior de-cluttering, an inner pilgrimage. The Holy One and I spend significant time together, silently pondering the next step on our journey. I listen as deeply as I can to the subtle guidance that invariably does come. Should I stay in ministry or move on? What needs to be let go of and what needs to be taken on?  What new paths are beckoning? Answers do come and sometimes surprise me, like light filtering through the clouds, nebulous and beautiful. Deep down, the answer is always the same: “Remain in my love.”

by DC