When my kids were young I tried to teach them to be humble and so I told them to take a bite of humble pie and swallow it.  Swallow your pride and arrogance and take a step back to see the insignificance of themselves.  We do not want to judge. We are just like everyone else, none better than another. They didn’t get a clear picture of what I really meant until they got older and started feeding the homeless; the young woman talking to herself as we scooped a portion of food for her; the elderly man with torn jeans and a smile saying thank you three times in a row; the surfer dude on his bicycle always lending a hand to help us clean up.  After each time my kids knew the meaning of humble pie.  They felt a sense of gratitude and service. This Lent, I want to remember that God shines in all the faces that I encounter and I want to humbly serve Him. That is what we are called to do.

by Liz