It was time! Time to have all five in our family go away on a vacation, time to play and BE. It seems to get harder as our sons get older to clear the calendar of work and obligations to be together. We rented a big pontoon boat and jet ski and frolicked in the clear, cool water of the Colorado River.  The smiles on our sons’ faces were just like when they were ten years old.  The faces and bodies are more mature but the spirits are exactly the same. They had the thrill of tubing behind a boat as Dad thrashed them back and forth across the wake and launched them airborne either right back onto the tube or into the water sideways. It was truly living in the moment and everyone was a kid again.  The vulnerable exchanges of child-like play led to spirit filled moments as God witnessed His children being children, living life.  We embraced the canyons (jumping off cliffs), the sun, the water, the heated (118 degree) air, as we created memories playing in the summer holy water of life.

by Liz