“Extol the LORD, our God, and worship at his holy mountain”  Psalm 99:9

Being raised amidst the vast plains of the Midwest, I did not obtain my appreciation for the mountains until much later in life when I moved out West.  My most memorable experience in the mountains was a summer hike in Sedona with my sister.  For the first time, I realized how these silent, statuesque beasts of nature could call me into deeper conversation with God.  Life is so busy, so noisy, so chaotic.  In contrast, my time spent in the mountains brought me pure peace.  At the same time, however, I could not help but reflect on the great force and power behind each massive uprising in the earth.  Thus, for me, the mountains are the perfect union of deafening silence meets awe and wonder — a beautiful opportunity to “extol the Lord”, recognize His power and glory, and open our ears to truly hear Him.  What do you feel amidst His holy mountains?       By Stephanie

Have a listen: “Up to the Mountains” by Patty Griffin:  http://youtu.be/p_AHpwjP8G4