I teach several middle school guitar classes. Most weeks I ask the kids, one by one, “Did you hear any good music last week? Blank stare from kid. Did you hear any bad music? There are always some music fanatics, but more and more my students say they are too busy. They all seem to have two hours of homework nightly, multiple sports teams, karate, Mandarin lessons, on and on. As an experiment, I asked them to lounge in a sofa or lie on the floor at home and just listen to music. No texting. No video games. No homework. Just listen. A few of them tried it and loved it. I hadn’t done this in a long time, myself.  The best musicians create entire new universes, a new consciousness that one can inhabit, with a little leisurely effort.  Let Mozart, Duke Ellington, Green Day, Alison Balsom, Sister Rosa Thorpe or the Beatles inhabit your mind and heart. It is a holy thing to sit and listen. Yeah!, Yeah! Yeah!

by Nathaniel