Like so many others, I am surrounded every day by friends and family afflicted with suffering. They reach out for prayer and support, which I readily give, but somehow it never feels like enough. I want them to be healed, NOW, and yet the endless suffering goes on, beating up my soul like waves pounding on the shore. At times like these,  I return to three words I learned from Fr. Ron Rolheiser: “hold the tension.” Look at the cross, he says, and see what Jesus did in his darkest hours. He did not give back “in kind,” take revenge, spew anger or despair. Rather, he held the tension inside, and then, like a water purifier, poured out the transformed pain as healing love. This isn’t easy for us mortals, but in reality, all we can do when life’s challenges are uncontrollable. Knowing that Jesus holds the tension along with us creates a powerful well of strength beyond what any of us can do alone. Bound together by the grace of the cross, we find meaning in suffering, a healing gift beyond limits.

by DC