Sixteen years ago today our lives were changed radically. On 9/11/01 I was living in New Jersey and like all Americans was shocked and stunned by the horrific events of that day. It hit home personally to me since I grew up with people whose fathers and brothers built the Twin Towers. Then over the course of the next several days, we learned of the loss of twelve souls who were friends of mine and my grown children. Two or three days after the attack, a photograph appeared on the front page of a local New Jersey newspaper which became a symbol of our American perseverance. Three firemen, covered in ash, were shown raising our American flag atop the pile of rubble that had once been one of the greatest buildings in the world. It was an inspiration to many of us, that as Americans we could be knocked down, but we would always get up. We did then and we always will, with the grace of our loving God.

by JAM