Throughout my life, I have carried with me an intercessory prayer to Blessed Mother that erupts from my soul whenever I’m in dire need ~ The Memorare. The prayer is literally a cry that simply arises when I’m feeling attacked, in trouble, or need to flee from danger. Beginning with the word, “remember,” the prayer evokes a sense of desperation while simultaneously pronounces a confidence that Mother Mary hears the pleas and will immediately come running with help.  Many young people today are not familiar with the Memorare and that makes me sad. In these fear-ridden times, there is a deep need and hunger to develop a sacred memory bank of prayers that can just kick in when adversity overtakes our fragile lives. The strong, confident words of the Memorare can shake me out of my individualism and remind me over and over again that I am not alone. An ever-present divine mother remains my vigilant protector and help.