Have you ever had a moment when you start to laugh and are suddenly out of control? Can’t catch your breath? Tears spilling down your cheeks? Being the person that I am, I’m more than familiar with that feeling and on occasion have even been the cause of others losing “comedic control.” It is really a wonderful physical sensation! Somehow the tension just drains from your body and by the time you do get yourself together again you almost feel exhausted. At least I do. What a great gift from God is laughter! James Martin, SJ, wrote a very entertaining (and educational) book called “Between Heaven and Mirth.” Using Scripture, the lives of the saints and his own personal experiences, he shows us  “…why joy is the inevitable result of faith, because a healthy spirituality and a healthy sense of humor go hand-in-hand with God’s great plan for humankind.” Great summer spiritual reading of a different kind! Available on Amazon.

by JAM