The Christmas season is officially ending today but my meditation on the Incarnation goes on through the many epiphany moments that grace my life. The word “epiphany” means the sudden manifestation of the divine within the ordinary, a  flash of insight, a sudden, certain encounter with the felt presence of God. The strange story of the Magi abounds in symbolism. Epiphany doesn’t happen without an impossible quest. I must choose to follow the light streaming through the darkness, even if it makes no sense to anyone else. If I stay the course,  I will find what I seek in the most unlikely places. Patience will be required because sometimes the epiphany happens later when situations that I could never have orchestrated on my own converge. As we resume writing for the rest of January about resolutions, may one of them include a greater awareness of these epiphany moments that illuminate and fill our lives with starlight.

by DC