We have completed our 40 days of Lent. We journeyed with Our Lord as He instituted the Holy Eucharist, washed the feet of His disciples, was imprisoned, handed over to Pontius Pilate, was scourged and crucified; we mourned his death on Holy Saturday and today, the Lord is risen from the dead! Now what? As we celebrate the resurrection of Christ, we may feel that we’ve reached the end. There’s joy, relief, it’s over. Yes, the “strife is over,”as we sung last night at the Easter Vigil, but now a new journey begins as we extend an invitation to 50 Days of Joy, what we call the “Easter Season” of the liturgical year.  From the Resurrection to Pentecost, fifty days, we will continue writing and sharing our daily reflections through text messages and social media to keep us all focused on the deep down joy that flows from the overabundant graces of a new life given to us by Christ glorified. We invite you to sign up or continue following us as we go forward together.

by Fr. Brendan